Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What readers are saying about Dakota: A Work in Progress

See email below>>> Lynnette Pannucci 2/6/2009 10:18 AM >>>Thanks for this, Rita.As an aside - I just bought 4 more copies of your husband's book for some other dog lovers.Before I'm done - I'll have all of Delmar and beyond reading it!!!!One of our best friends bought 10 copies through Amazon and sent them off to Colorado to his family members after reading the copy we gave him for Christmas.Will there be a sequel? Or do you have a cat he can write about???Best,Lynnette

>>> Lynnette Pannucci 2/6/2009 11:14 AM >>>Rita,I know we both have other work to do, but I do have to tell you about some good friends of ours who received "Dakota" from us for Christmas.Kathy, the wife, started reading the book before Jon, the husband. They have always had "Dakota" kinds of dogs during their 30+ year marriage. All of their children are now out of the house working or at college. Recently they adopted a very young, frisky, and "not so bright" female named Quinna. Well, when Jon returned from work one night Kathy read a chapter out loud to him. He laughed out loud and asked Kathy to read another chapter. And that's how they read the whole book. Kathy read it aloud to Jon while he had Quinna on his lap - a couple chapters each night. We got the funniest thank you card describing the entire process. They described every detail - including getting Quiinna into her "coat" to go outside for a "potty break" during one of the chapters.Another couple we gave the book to have a 13 year old special needs daughter (their youngest) and after reading the book themselves, they read the book to her aloud. Now she has been trying to read it aloud to them. Because Dakota is "just like" their dog, Sasha, Nathalie's interest level has been so high her ability to read the book has been remarkable. So do thank your husband for me...Everyone has truly enjoyed their experience with the book! Not to mention that I have been given great accolades for being the best gift giver ever!!It will certainly be hard to maintain that reputation, unless of course book 2 comes out for the next holiday season.Have a good rest of the day and a great weekend,Lynnette

>>> Lynnette Pannucci 12/18/2008 8:01 AM >>>Hi Rita,You must have ESP - I was going to send you a note upon my arrival today to wish you the happiest of holidays and to tell you that my ten copies of "Dakota" arrived yesterday from Amazon. I should have been wrapping presents last night, but instead I sat down and read my copy cover to cover!! I laughed so hard in some spots my husband Roy kept making me read parts out loud!! It will be a great gift for all of those dog lovers that I spend so much time with. Most of them have dogs like Dakota; same breed; same personality - so I can't wait for them to enjoy this book.Do thank your husband for providing me with such good entertainment last evening!! A great distraction from my all day meeting today when we write preK Learning Standards performance indicators!!Have a wonderful vacation - you certainly deserve it!! Happiest of holidays and health and blessings in 2009!My best,Lynnette